Miniature of God, Angel, Satan, Jinn and Humans

This paper I underlying with the question:

How can we understand the greatness of the Lord if we do not understand and know the smallest thing created Him?

The universe is so vast, as vast as our eyes seeing. It is formed by various kinds of matter and energy that is very abundant. And it turns out the energy and matter are so abundant in the universe this is something that was formerly united, which they then away from each other and expand due to an explosion that is extremely powerful and that known by the term “Big Bang”.

“… … … .. that the heavens and the earth were of one piece, then We parted them. And We made from water every living thing. So will they not also believe? “Al-Ambiyya: 30

But did you know, what that make up matter and energy that is currently the principal compilers of the universe? None other he’s just a bunch of very tiny particles called can not be divided again later known as atoms. So, what kind of creature that the atom? Here I will not discuss in depth about the atom, but I just want to introduce about miniature life and the life contained within the atom.

Atomic nuclei are composed of atoms, in which there are electrons, protons, and neutrons. Electrons are subatomic particles are negatively charged, while the proton is a subatomic particle is positively charged, and neutrons are subatomic particles with no charge. So, why I call it a miniature of God, Angels, Satanic, Jin and Human? What correlation? and why God could be miniaturized? Is not God is great and can not be equated with the creature?

Okay, we open one by one

My analogy of positively charged particles as an angel, the reason is, by its nature, is often interpreted that the positive meaning of goodness, while negatively charged particles as satan my analogy, the reason is that the negative sense is often equated with ugliness. So, where lies the human, jin, and God himself? Human and Jin are beings created for the three subatomic particles itself, namely Proton, electrons and neutrons. Why is that? because between Jin and Man are all potentially bring the nature of good and evil nature, depending on where the particles are more contained within him. So, God is what?

Before answering what God is, I open the unique facts about atoms.

If we further divide subatomic particles, then it will get a vibration energy in every subatomic particle that moves and keep every subatomic particle in the position and trajectory.

So did I would say that God is the vibrations of energy? I would say that God is the source of all sources of energy vibrations, because the vibration energy is the product of a source that vibrates. If then God is the source of energy from the smallest sub-particles, meaning God is smaller than His creatures? And how the analogy?

I say that God is the source of all sources of energy vibration is only to facilitate understanding when God shall stand alone free from all forms of influence interpretation of the creature, because there will be no creature if there is no source that created it. Due to current conditions God has created beings, then its existence can not be separated from His creatures, nor is said to be smaller than the creature is said even though the source of vibration is at subatomic particle. Rather he is an integral part of the creature itself, there is the nature of HE, so the existence of God will always accompany the motion of each step of His creatures wherever he is in this universe.

To better understand it in depth, after God created the sub-atomic particles, then he is responsible for all the regularity of his creation, it creates other things that accompany the creation of matter in the form of things that can not be observed by naked eye, for example, is the emergence of centripetal and centrifugal forces that keep the subpartikel atomic spins on its trajectory.

So how to understand God when He created beings?

God is the totality of causality, in this case, God is the totality of the source of all energy sources, energy, materials, everything that is caused by matter and energy, and everything surrounding the matter and energy in question, both tangible eye or invisible, and the totality that is called Sole.

This is a miniature modeling, now please pull into the large object (the universe) and the totality that is what is called the universe, so that understanding God is Great (Allahu Akbar), and God is Supreme Sole

No single creature in the universe that is not composed of atoms and subatomic particles and energy, from living to inanimate objects, and none of the atomic and subatomic particles that are not driven by the vibrations of energy, and none of the vibrations of energy who do not have the source. So it deserves then the Lord said:

“And to Him are the keys of the unseen; no one knew except Himself, and He knows what is on land and at sea, and not a leaf but He knows who killed (again), and do not fall a seed-even in the dark earth, and not something that is wet or dry, but written in a clear (Lawh Mahfouz) “Qs. Al-An `am [6]: 59.

Which body part that is not composed of subatomic particles arrangement?

That’s the answer from the ancient statement “God is everywhere, God is closer than veins neck”, and this is probably the intent of the concept of “Manunggaling Kaula-Gusti” Sheikh Siti Jenar.

Prophet Muhammad said the term God as “Allah”, Doctrine Sundanese Wiwitan have called “Sang Hyang Kersa”. You call it what?

This article inspired me from various discussions on Blogernas Facebook Group, a group created by Erianto Anas, a person who has been blamed as a spreader of hatred against Islam.

Wallahua’lam bishowab

By: Husnul Yakin Ali

For those of you who are interested to quote part or all of the contents of this article are welcome, please included the source and author.


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