Super High Space Travel Technology

If in Isro Allah Swt. running Prophet of Muhammad ridden Buroq, hence in Mi’Roj mentioned Rasululloh do not wear vehicle, but go up at doorstep. If study by us, there is two difference of medium used by Rasululloh when executing Isro Mi’Roj. Then how the event analogy by us in modern life in this time?

Isro is to run on the night from Haram Mosque to Aqso Mosque. If interpreting that so-called Haram Mosque reside in Mekkah whereas Mosque Aqso Mosque reside in Palestinian, hence both the place still reside in hemisphere, so that if measured with distance of Mi’Roj that is journey among sky and earth, hence distance among Mekkah to Palestinian is very meaningless. For the reason, very proper if medium utilized to get through both the distance differ.

Just as in everyday life, if we have to send something to neighbour which the was house of adjacent, hence us last for by foot, but if we have to send something that farther than that, for example between countryside, hence us choose to wear motorbike or bicycle. If we have to go out to town in a province, usually we wear Car, and if we have to go between province/state/continent, hence ascertained we wear quicker vehicle from which mentioned above.

Here very clear, event of Isro Mi’Roj shall be made a lesson from Allah Swt which is very mean, because have clearly Allah have exemplified imagery to human being that event of Isro Mi’Roj alone is a story that challenging mankind to pull back universe.

At this article, I wish to pare difference of medium which mentioned in event of Isro Mi’Roj. At event of Isro, the journey between region on the earth, is clear said that Rasululloh wear medium able to ride in the form of Buroq. In modern life in this time, we have earned medium analogy which earn to be weared to get through both region, namely found a plane him able to get through between region on this earth only in hour calculation.

Buroq such as mentioned many is super vehicles quickly which is on him have a wing. If us liken marking of Buroq with the plane, hence both owning equation. Here there is no need to us dispute difference of his type, because Buroq is absolute of Allah creation creature, while plane are human being engineering and creation.

All of us have enunciated with events of Rasululloh able to get through Mekkah – Palestinian only in a few hours, have not such a dreams again in modern-day this time, but, if we wish to correct reading farther event hereinafter that is Mi’Roj, is event of the Mi’Roj only dream? Because till now human being not yet earned to make a means of space owning above speed of velocity of light.

Let us get to think!

If in event of Isro mentioned that vehicle is Buroq, hence in event of Mi’Roj mentioned the medium in the form of doorstep.

If assumed in this modern-day of Isro wear plane, hence to be able to execute Mi’Roj in this modern-day, have to wear vehicle which the was him of very different with plane.

Here I will not study farther concerning event of Isro, for the reason I don’t wish to study vehicle of a kind plane like apollo, plane commute and other which have been found in this day and age, because the him of is same as plane, and very not possible to be able to conduct Mi’Roj (explore the universe).

Last, what have to wear human being to be able to universe defeased?

This Universe is very wide, to reach the center of the universe, we have to pass center of solar system, last center of galaxy, last Center of Nebula, last Center of Gathering Nebula, last center of Nebula Group, last Center of Jar, later then center of universe. Whereas distance between the center very and billion light year velocity, is so that needed quicker medium of light.

In this time, speed that closing or is equal to velocity of light is electromagnetic wave. This wave weared many for media of communications like radio, telephone, television, radar, and others.

Before fast us farther pare event of Mi’Roj, here I feel to interest with electromagnetic wave medium used for the medium of communications. Usage of this medium experience of very big evolution.

Start from the finding of one way communications medium in the form of delivery of audio signal, so-called with radio, continued by finding of communications medium two direction which still in the form of delivery of audio signal, in the form of telephone, continued found medium him delivery of unidirectional visual audio signal in the form of television, continued with invention of Faximile, till cellphone which have entered the era of 3G.

I feel so amazed with inventions, do this is early to be able to pull back event of Mi’Roj? just Conceiving, former of people write letter to be addressed to consanquinity residing in outside town, they have to await some days even some month to get letter reciprocation, but now, we send letter to abroad earn at once the letter can reading beyond the sea according to our target, namely found fax machine him as well as internet.

Do in a moment wait not only signal in the form of audio or just visual able to be sent to pass this electromagnetic wave? Example we can send items in the form of object pass this wave?

I interest to nature of light, because in character the experts have time to differ opinion among light category as wave, and light as items. In the reality through research farther, light measure up to as wave as well as as items.

An matter seething with excitement here, namely light also in the reality have the nature of as items. If is it is true told light as items, hence light is Allah creature as does structured human being of items.

Human being can conduct journey of very past as does velocity of light if human being melt to become light, becoming in form of matter wave. Problem of him now, do is true human being can be melted to become matter wave so that yield energy within reason light?

“The Most Holy of Allah, which have run His slave one night from Mosque of Haram to Mosque of Aqsha We Which have blessing around him so that Us show to it some of markings (highness)of Us. Real of Him are The Most Re-Hearing The Most Know”. ( al-Isra : 1)

Allah have shown the power of Him, that so called creature of first human being able to melt to become light are Muhammad Rasululloh, so that by the power of Allah him can execute Mi’Roj.

A challenge for mankind in this modern century, to pull back how to human being can melt to become light.

In a few studies, very conducive a molten object become light wave, and run in velocity of light or sent to through of signal in the form of electromagnetic wave within reason send radio signal. The problem now, can an items or object which have been melted to become the light last sent to through transmitter and accepted by receiver re-forming to become original object form of him like former? Whereas if an object have been altered to become light which also in form of wave, hence the wave will intersperse and nothing that guarantee can coalesce again become intact form.

If even also can and there is guarantying when an object have melted to become last light can coalesce again become form initially, hence object have blessing by Allah around him.

“………………… We Which have blessing around him to be Us show to it some of markings (highness) ………..” ( al-Isra 1)

One challenge again for mankind, to find items a kind of what is blessing by Allah so that can guarantee or protect a molten object become light wave so that can realize again the object like former.

If this really happened, hence journey Mi’Roj of Rasululloh wear doorstep is such as narrated in a few and histories of hadits, will very come near with above concept.

In a moment wait, if Allah permit, delivery of object from a place to other place done only in second calculation, within reason send a SMS or fax.

The simple concept is : the object is input in an appliance which able to melt an object become electromagnetic wave / light wrapped by an items / so-called have blessing by Allah, is later on sent to through appliance of transmitter within reason broadcast a television or radiowave, last accepted by receiver and through appliance is again re-formed the wave become an object form like former.

Like television concept, record picture, transmit, presenting of it in screen. But if in television the output is illusory picture, hence in the above concept form of him in the form of real object form.

If this happened, hence will many receiver and transmitter such which attached in various this world clefts, to get space explore, and depicted doorstep concept on the way Mi’Roj of Rasululloh will very come near with concept of receiver attached between sky object (planet, etc), because in character which is have ladder to space object of closer to earth going to higher level space object ( far with earth).

Impossible likely?

Wallahu a’lamubishshowab.


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